How Can Organization Save Money?

Have you heard the expression time is money? If you have ever spent endless hours of frustration looking for that “something” than you might want to consider implementing these tips.

Getting organized doesn’t require that you go out and purchase products it’s about creating a process that works for you and your family. To start assess your current situation, then create a plan and finally reward yourself for starting the new year off right!

Three Easy Steps to Declutter, Clean and Organize

Step 1: Declutter – Begin with an area that is used the most. Remove and sort everything into one of these piles: Keep, Pitch, Donate/Sell. Touch it ONCE and make a decision!

Step 2: Clean – Remove drawers and wipe them out, dust off the shelves and electronics, disinfect and clean surfaces. Using any cleaner and a magic eraser can make an area shine!

Step 3: Organize – Intentionally pick a place for each item going back in the area. Use trays, bins and boxes to keep small items in order. Shelving units and hanging organizers can help create order in larger spaces.

Getting the family involved and keeping this practice up daily or weekly will help keep order. Organization can help reduce stress, anxiety and chaos.

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6 Responses to How Can Organization Save Money?

  1. takb88 says:

    Great information to start the year off right. It is a great time to organize your home but I’m doing homework instead of organizing, imagine that. Great to have the Twitter & Facebook share. You are up a moving. I plan to organize and declutter in two years. Angela

  2. Shannon says:

    I love this entry Anita. I always feel like I can’t more productive in an organized environment. I have a hard time being motivated, focused, or effective when my house or workspace is a mess. And the time spent procrastinating or constantly looking for things could be spent on other things!

  3. Hey Anita, it seems like we are both in the mood for some decluttering & cleaning….lol! There is definitely something cathartic about starting the off the New Year this way. These are some great tips!

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