Redecorating on A Dime . . . maybe more, maybe less

I recently moved and the experience opened my eyes, and my heart, to new opportunities.  Since I am on a tight budget I needed to find ways to be frugal with decorating.  I will share a few of my insights.

Reinvent – did you know that it’s stylish to combine vintage and chic?  I think it actually has a name, it’s called transitional!  I find this quite comforting since that’s why I am experiencing this move.  What a great time to rediscover myself and revitalize some furniture pieces. 

With little to no cost you can revamp a room.  Start by looking around a room and deciding what the purpose is and what major pieces are needed.  Remove the pieces not being used.  Simplicity is good.

Recover or Replace?  A slip cover for the sofa might be just the update your room needs.  Other considerations to look into are craigslist or thrift stores.  Look for quality pieces that need a new home.  Be patient and use what you have until you find the best fit. 

If your budget allows you to buy new take time to research quality not just price.  Shop for functionality based on your lifestyle and stage of family.  Balance being frugal with how long the piece will withstand every day wear and tear.

A new lamp shade, throw pillows and a blanket can give a room a fresh feel.  My frugal tip here is to look for clearance items AND coupons!  For example, I found nice pillows at Gordmans and Kohls, both stores always have at least a 15% off coupon available with proper planning.

Research – magazines, internet, friends all have ideas to offer!  Know thyself and honor your style.  Your home tells a story.  Your personal photos can become a framed work of art, your child is an artist and that piece can set the stage for a wall, whenever you can bring in a personal touch.  Word of caution here is too much of a good thing can quickly become overwhelming.

Simplicity balanced with function is key.  Keeping your living space relaxed and stylish can give you a sense of calm and make the home an oasis.  Use your rooms to live not just be a showpiece.  However, too many of us keep underutilized items around taking up space.  Think of each square foot as precious real estate.  How do you want to market it?  I like the concept of cozy yet minimized clutter.

Repaint – Fresh color can have a huge impact on a room.  Splurge on good rollers and brushes but most store brand paints do a quality job.  Create a soothing cohesive space by sticking to a color scheme.

Pulling the home together with a few of these redecorating tips is fun and can be done frugally.  My final parting thoughts this week are this: redecorating a room is much like rediscovering yourself, it requires patience and a plan.  Once you make the time to declutter practice restraint with what you put back in your space. 

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One Response to Redecorating on A Dime . . . maybe more, maybe less

  1. takb88 says:

    Looks like your on your way to having a lovely place to call home. Great job on giving sound advice for decorating on a budget.

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